The Pros and Cons of Raw Foodism

The Pros and Cons of Raw Foodism

Nature truly does provide us with the nutrients our body requires to thrive. In your effort to return to a holistic lifestyle, you may be considering a raw food diet. With the average grocery store selling predominantly processed foods, even those who eat 3 full meals a day may be nutrient-deprived. Here are a few … Read moreThe Pros and Cons of Raw Foodism

Gut Microbiota: What’s the Hype?

Gut Microbiota

Most people know that obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, are mainly caused when we eat high-fat or high-calorie foods. Although eating more calories than the body can burn results in the accumulation of fat within the body, scientists believe that other mechanisms may be involved—they suspect that the composition and diversity of organisms … Read moreGut Microbiota: What’s the Hype?

Are All Processed Foods Bad?

What Are Processed Foods?

“Processed foods are bad for your health”. This is one phrase that you’ve probably heard ad nauseam. But wait!… What are Processed Foods? Processed foods are those that have been altered from their original state for safety reasons and for convenience. Processing includes canning, refrigeration, freezing, dehydration, cooking, and milling. Well-intentioned nutritionists and health gurus … Read moreAre All Processed Foods Bad?