Eight Caregiver Products That Save the Day

Caregiver Products That Save the Day

Caring for a loved one is rarely easy, and caregivers often find that they need to be cared for almost as much as their patient does.

Fortunately, there are more resources available now than there ever have been, providing everything from practical tips to the sale of specially made products that can help any patient perform basic duties and enjoy their lives more.

Why Caregiver Products Are Necessary

There are many types of patients, from those who are completely bedridden to those with mobility issues, and even patients who are recovering from surgeries or strokes.

These issues can be temporary or permanent, and even though most caregivers are specifically trained for the job at hand, it is still good to know that there are ways they can be helped out further with the resources that are now available.

All of these things are meant to make life as a caregiver or patient easier on both parties, so if you are a caregiver to someone you love or a professional caregiver for one or more patients, there is no time like the present to get started and take advantage of everything that is intended to make both of your lives a lot more pleasant. This is one decision that you’re certain never to regret.

Quick Overview of Top Caregiver Products

ImageProduct NameFunctionPrice
Large Universal Weighted HolderHelps the patient hold toothbrushes and razors and make it easier for them to brush their teeth and shaveView on The Wright Stuff
Razor Handle ExtenderHelps the patient shave areas of the body that may be difficult to reach (e.g., the ankle area). Also lets the patient shave his or her legs or arms while in a sitting position.View on The Wright Stuff
Pro Automatic Fingernail ClipperThis automatic fingernail clipper has a specially made trimming blade that gives the patient smooth and snag-free nailsView on The Wright Stuff
Body care brushes and combBody Care Long Handle Brushes and CombsProvides a smooth, seamless hair-combing experience for anyone who needs a little extra assistance making sure their hair is combed or brushed neatlyView on The Wright Stuff
Quad care mirrorQuad-Care MirrorAllows people to enjoy a wider field of view for any reason, including assistance when inserting a catheterView on The Wright Stuff
Good grips utensils for elderly and disabled personsGood Grips UtensilsThese items have soft and comfortable handles that make it simple for the patient to hold and utilize them with comfort and easeView on The Wright Stuff
Call Buttons and Pager Set for CaregiversHelps the patient to quickly get help with the touch of a buttonView on Amazon
Wireless Alarm and Sensor Pads for Bed and ChairHelps notify the caregiver when a patient tries to do something that is potentially dangerous. Notifies the caregiver when a patient tries to get out of a wheelchair unattended or out of bed when they shouldn’tView on Amazon

Caregiver Tips

Regardless of what special needs your loved one or patient has, there are things you can do to make sure you offer that person the care that he or she deserves.

If you’re new at this endeavor, it is good to become familiar with the things that can help you become a better caregiver. These include the following:

  • Make sure you have a support system yourself that you can rely on and utilize regularly
  • Learn all you can about the person’s illness or disability so that you can serve him or her better
  • Think positively and always plan for the future you desire so that you can be constantly moving forward
  • Take good care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of rest
  • Be realistic and admit that you can’t do everything

Although caregivers are all heroes, they are also human beings, so take care of yourself and make sure you get the same care that you’re giving to your patient.

Also keep in mind that taking care of someone’s physical needs can put a strain on caregivers both physically and emotionally, which means allowing your mind to get a little extra attention is never a bad idea.

Many caregivers find they need a little therapy now and again to get through the ordeal, and this is never something to be ashamed of.

In fact, there are now support groups specifically designed for caregivers, and taking advantage of them can give you an entirely new outlook on your job and your patient and help you become a much better caregiver in the end.

Eight Must-Have Caregiver Products

In addition to basic physical and psychological care, you can also let your patients know about the many products that are available which can help them in their daily lives. These are technologically advanced tools they can use to make certain tasks a lot simpler on them, and they include the following:

Large Universal Weighted Holder

Large Universal Weighted Holder


These weighted holders are made to hold toothbrushes and razors and make it easier for the patients to brush their teeth and shave because they are made with just the right amount of weight.

In addition, the perfect grip feature is great for those with hand tremors and similar disabilities. Most of them are roughly five inches long and are made to hold most standard-sized toothbrushes and razors.

Additionally, these weighted holders include everything you need to put it together properly, including a way for adjusting it so that all patients can handle it safely and comfortably.

The extra weight it provides makes it much simpler to hold a toothbrush or razor, without it being so heavy that it makes holding those items a burden. It is a perfect product to have around the home for any person with any type of physical limitation.

Razor Handle Extender

Razor Handle Extender


If your patient has difficulty bending or stooping over, this product is a great one to have. It is made to shave areas of the body that may be difficult to get to, such as the ankle area, and lets the patient shave his or her legs or arms while in a sitting position.

It holds a razor firmly so that it doesn’t fall out, and it lets patients shave any part of their body without having to bend over in uncomfortable or painful positions.

The extender is also great for all types of razors, including disposable razors, standard razors, and even electric razors, and it comes with a long handle, a soft grip, and even a strap.

Shaving is no longer a problem for people with limited mobility or pain in their muscles and joints, because this product makes any type of shaving – for men and for women – a breeze.

Pro Automatic Fingernail Clipper

Clip Different Pro Automatic Fingernail Clipper


Made out of surgical grade stainless steel, this automatic fingernail clipper is both comfortable and easy to use. The specially made trimming blade gives you smooth and snag-free nails, and all you do is turn it on and insert your fingers and the trimmer does the rest!

There is even a special drawer that catches all of the clippings, making it easy to get rid of them once the job is done.
Another advantage of this fingernail clipper is that you can keep your nails any length you like, because its design makes it easy to keep your nails short or even on the longer side.

It can accommodate anyone who needs a nail trimming, in other words, and it even comes with its own high-powered rechargeable battery.

Body Care Long Handle Brushes and Combs

Body Care Long Handle Brushes and Combs Sets


Hands, arms, and shoulders can get sore with regular brushes and combs, but these brushes and combs are specially made for people who are unable to bend too far just to get their hair looking nice.

The oval shapes make it easy to grip them even for those who are recovering from shoulder surgery or who have limited mobility in their arms for any reason.

Best of all, the handles come in both 12- and 14-inch sizes, so they are made for people of all statures who need to put less stress on their arm and shoulder area. They are easy to use, comfortable to hold, and provide a smooth, seamless hair-combing experience for anyone who needs a little extra assistance making sure their hair is combed or brushed neatly.

Quad-Care Mirror

Quad Care Mirror


If your patient is a quadriplegic or simply has a disability in the lower extremity region, this mirror is a perfect item to have. The hand loop comes in an adjustable length, and it allows people to enjoy a wider field of view for any reason, including assistance when inserting a catheter.

The 4” x 6” mirror size and oval design make it perfect for a variety of uses, and its overall 23-inch size helps all types of disabled people improve many of their daily tasks.

This is a double-sized break-resistant mirror that is built to last, and it even has a finger loop on the shaft to make using it super easy and very comfortable.

They can manipulate the mirror into a variety of positions and, therefore, it can help make a lot of the patient’s daily chores quicker and simpler.

Good Grips Utensils

Good Grips Utensils


Available in a set of three utensils – spoon, knife, and fork – these items have soft and comfortable handles that make it simple for any patient to hold and utilize them with comfort and ease.

The handles are made out of a soft rubber, and the fork and spoon are even bendable. They are the perfect size for anyone who needs assistance eating or cutting up food, and they are perfect for those who have had strokes or simply find gripping standard utensils difficult.

The utensils are made out of stainless steel and have handles that are latex-free. They are also lightweight and can be washed in the dishwasher, making them convenient to own as well as easy to use. In fact, they are perfect for anyone has weak arm control or limited movement in the hand and arm area.

Call Buttons and Pager Set for Caregivers



This is the perfect set for caregivers because it contains two call buttons and a high-tech pager. It gives both the patient and the caregiver great peace of mind because the patient can get help quickly with the touch of a button.

Operated by battery, it allows the patient and caregiver to be up to 150 feet apart and still be able to communicate with one another, making it perfect for both private homes and nursing homes.

Best of all, these items are lightweight at only eight ounces, and both the AAA batteries and 12-volt button batteries are included by the manufacturer.

They also include lanyards so that both the pager and the call button can be easily worn around the neck, allowing both caregiver and patient to continue with their daily lives even when the items aren’t in use.

Wireless Alarm and Sensor Pads for Bed and Chair

This complete system comes with one wireless bed alarm, one cordless chair sensor pad, and one cordless bed sensor pad. If you’re taking care of a patient who may fall or get out of a bed or chair unattended, this is the system for you.

You can become instantly aware when a patient tries to do something that is potentially dangerous, and you can be notified when a patient tries to get out of a wheelchair unattended or out of bed when they shouldn’t.

Even better, the wireless alarm can be placed with the caregiver up to 100 feet away from the patient, making it perfect for family members who provide care for loved ones in the same home.

The system is pre-programmed and uses standard C batteries. The alarm will stop as soon as you turn it off yourself or once the patient gets back on the chair or bed.

All of these items are high-quality products designed to make the patients’ lives much easier, and, therefore, they can help the caregiver as well. They are easy to use, keep the patient a lot more comfortable, and generally provide a way for each patient to feel more like a part of society because they provide a way to perform day-to-day tasks in a much easier fashion.

Final Notes

Of course, there are many other products that can help make a disabled person’s life a lot easier. These include grab bars and toilet aids; kitchen items such as adult bibs, specialized tableware and cups, non-skid dinnerware dishes, and overbed tables; on-the-move items that include car transfer assists, standing and sitting aids, and crutch accessories; and even items specifically made for caregivers, which include activities and games, books to help you better serve your patients, and medication reminders.

From belts and slings to specialty items that make taking care of high-risk patients a little easier, these items are easy to find and most are incredibly affordable. Insurance will even pay for most of the products, and they are made to accommodate patients with all types of disabilities.

If you’re a caregiver and want yet another way to enhance your experience with your patients, these living aids can be a big help. Being a caregiver is a very important job, but it can also take a toll on both your personal and your professional life.

To make things easier in at least a few aspects, products made specifically for individuals who have mobility or disability issues can make both of your lives much easier, not to mention save you a lot of time in the long run.

Naturally, there are many other products than the ones mentioned above, and you can research them – and even order them – simply by going online.


After earning a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Lisa A. Cusack traveled to a remote village in Ghana, where she worked as a voluntary worker for 18 months. She later moved to Antwerp, Belgium and now devotes much of her time to writing and creating helpful educational material for medical students and allied healthcare professionals. Visit our About page to learn about the contributors of Healthy Buddys.

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