Do You Need a Big Name Brand Lift Chair?

Do You Need the Best Brand Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are similar to regular recliners. Both types can help a person recline position or extend their feet using a footrest. Contrary to recliners that are operated manually, lift chairs have a power lift that lifts up from the seated to a standing position so that the user can get out of the chair with minimum effort.

Lift chairs can be beneficial to people who have joint disorders. These people may have difficulties sitting and standing and experience pain or joint discomfort when moving from the sitting to the reclined or standing position.

While joint disorders are more common among elderly persons, these can also affect young persons who had a knee or back injury or those who have neuromuscular diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or myasthenia gravis. Severely obese persons are also at risk for joint pains.

What You Should Know About Power Lift Recliners

Power lift chairs can be a great option in that you do not strain when sitting or standing up. All you need is assemble the chair (in most cases it takes just a few minutes to do it), plug the power cable into your wall, and use the controller to lower and lift the chair automatically.

Several brands produce different types of power lifts that come in a wide range of colors and sizes. In addition, some chair lifts include features to suit your mobility and therapeutic needs. But will the big name brands make a difference?

First, you should know what you need, and it might help to do some research and talking to a healthcare practitioner about your desire to purchase a lift chair. It can be challenging to distinguish a chair lift from a regular recliner. Lift chairs are sold with a controller and they come with an inbuilt motorized mechanism that causes the chair to recline or lift. If a chair can do this, then you are good to go.

But What about Top Selling Brands?

It depends on what you are specifically looking for in a lift chair. To start, there are three categories of lift chairs :

Two Position: These chairs allow for the straight and TV recline positions.

Three Position: These chairs can allow for upright sitting, 45-degree back tilt, and near full recline. The ottoman and back operate in tandem permitting the user to raise the footrest along when the back is reclined.

Infinite Position: These chairs can be moved to several positions and can even support the Trendelenburg position.

Infinite position lift chairs are generally more expensive than two and three position lift chairs. Also, note that three position lift chairs are more expensive than two position chairs since they offer more options.

Then there is the cost factor. Chairs from top brands will generally be more expensive than those from unknown or not very popular manufacturers. But this does not necessarily mean that branded products are better for you.

What really matters is what you get for your money. If an unknown manufacturer sells chairs that are reputed to be sturdy and long-lasting, then you might as well go for one of their products. The essence is to have a product that serves its purpose, i.e., help you with mobility issues.

Another factor to consider is the fabric and whether the chair is a wall hugger. Some manufacturers offer chairs in different fabrics and colors. So, you have the option to choose a chair that matches your interior decor. One thing for sure is that top brands offer clients different options compared with unknown manufacturers, who are still struggling to make a name in the market.

Finally, check with your health insurance provider to find out whether they cover lift chairs. Until now, Medicare has been covering lift chairs; however, things can change. Unless you have the budget to purchase a branded lift chair, you should always check with your health insurance provider before making a purchase.


A lift chair should make you more comfortable and make it easier to get up from the sitting or reclining position. But you should consider several factors before going for a top brand. Remember that your health comes first and if a manufacturer produces a product that can meet your needs, then brand name doesn’t really matter.


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  1. It’s interesting to know that the the amount of tilt is something to consider when choosing a lift chair recliner. I plan to buy one of my grandmother soon in order to help with her back pain. Getting to recline from a sitting position will help a lot in making afternoon naps a lot easier to take.

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