Fashionable Fitness Trackers for Women in 2019

Fashionable Fitness Trackers for Women 2018

Fitness trackers are all the rage these days, and they certainly help you in a lot of ways. A fitness tracker helps with your motivation as you can see actual, quantifiable progress every time you look at your tracker. Additionally, it helps with your accountability, which is one of the key factors in whether you are going to be successful in your fitness quest or not.

There are a lot of reasons why fitness trackers are extremely popular right, especially for women who want to get fit and stay fit. But which trackers are the best on the market? And which ones are not only efficient but also fashionable enough to go great with your workout outfit? Let’s take a look.

Number 1 Recommendation: Fitbit Charge 2

Top Five Fashionable Fitness Trackers: 2019 Comparison Chart

The table below offers a quick look at our five picks for the best fashionable fitness trackers for women, with distinguishing features of each. Keep reading for detailed reviews, complete with pros and cons of each fitness tracker.

ImageProduct NameCompatibilityHeart Rate MonitorRating 
Fitbit Charge 2Android, iOS, & WindowsYes4.2/5Check Price
Fitbit Alta HRAndroid, iOS, & WindowsYes4.1/5Check Price
Bellabeat Leaf and Urban TrackerAndroid & iOSNo4.1/5Check Price
Garmin Vívoactive 3 GPS SmartwatchConnect IQ StoreYes3.8/5Check Price
Fitbit Surge Fitness SuperwatchAndroid, iOS, Mac, Web, & WindowsYes3.2/5Check Price

Fitbit Charge 2

Device Type: Wristband | Item Weight: 1.12 ounces | Compatibility: Android, iOS, & Windows | Sleep Tracking: Yes | Battery Life: ~ 5 days | Warranty: View here

This tracker works as a wristband and has a lot of great features. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows, and it has sleep tracking so if want to dig deeper into whether you are getting a healthy amount of sleep, this is for you.

It has an incredible 5 days of battery life, so you only need to charge it about once a week and the rest of the time you can be wearing it and generating that sweet data!


  • Great for fitness orientated people.
  • Long battery life.


  • Limited selection of apps compared to other trackers.

Fitbit Alta HR

Device Type: Wristband | Item Weight: 0.8 ounces | Compatibility: Android, iOS, & Windows | Sleep Tracking: Yes | Battery Life: ~ 7 days | Warranty: View here

This Fitbit design is their slimmest design yet, it and weighs only 0.8 ounces. You won’t even know that you are wearing this thing. It has sleep tracking, is compatible with most major OS’, and has a very long battery life of 7 days.

If you want something sleek, effective and really easy to use to help track your fitness regime stats, this is the Fitbit for you.


  • Very sleek, very light.
  • Has sleep tracking.
  • Has usual Fitbit features.
  • Is a newer model.


  • Could have a wider array for features.

Bellabeat Leaf and Urban Tracker

Device Type: Necklace, bracelet, or clip | Item Weight: 0.48 ounces | Compatibility: Android & iOS | Sleep Tracking: Yes | Battery Life: ~ 6 mths | Warranty: 1 year

When you hear the battery life of this tracker, you aren’t going to believe it. This thing has a cell battery so once you start using it, you aren’t going to have to charge it for 6 whole months. Not only is its battery life insane, but its features are great too.

It will track the distance you cover, your steps, the calories you have burned, your sleep patterns, your reproductive health, and even your stress levels.

Not only that, but it will wake you with an alarm in the morning to remind you to stay active. I can think of a few people who would improve their lives tenfold if they had something like this with them every day.


  • Insane battery length .
  • Large amount of information generated by tracking.
  • Very effective style of interaction .


  • Again, there could be a wider choice of apps available.

Garmin Vívoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

Device Type: Wristband | Item Weight: 9.4 ounces | Compatibility: Connect IQ Store | Sleep Tracking: Yes | Battery Life: ~ 7 days, 13 hrs with GPS | Warranty: View here

This watch is a little on the heavier side but works somewhat similar to a smartphone. You can personalize it with a huge number of apps (thousands are available, and free).

You can also make payments with their special mobile payment solution app, which is native only to this phone. As well as all this, you get the standard fitness tracking features too.


  • Great personalization features.
  • Great library of apps available.
  • Special payment feature only available with this product.


  • Great fitness tracking features, but not as in depth it could be.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Device Type: Wristband, GPS, & sports watch | Item Weight: 12 ounces | Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Web, & Windows | Sleep Tracking: Yes | Battery Life: ~ 5 days, 5 hrs with GPS | Warranty: View here

This Fitbit has a lot of compatibility, working with Android, iOS, Mac, Web and Windows. It has sleep tracking features, as well as the standard fitness tracking features.

It has a strong battery life of 5 days so that you only really have to charge it about once a week depending on usage. It is pretty heavy, but still not heavy enough to impact you during your fitness activities. Speaking of fitness, it does have a fitness app that you can use to track your workouts.


  • Has sleep tracking features.
  • Is very adaptable.


  • Battery life is long but it could be even longer.

What do you think about fitness trackers? Do you own a fitness tracking device? If yes, what did you like or dislike about the device? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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