Fleck Water Softener Reviews [Read Before Buying]

Fleck Water Softener Reviews

If you are like the many people who suffer from hard water at your home, then it’s time to take control of the problem with a water softener.

Not only will you enjoy water that tastes and feels better on your skin, but you will also enjoy a number of incredible benefits around your house, making a whole-house water softener a great investment in your home and family.

Top Fleck Water Softeners



Best Overall

Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener


Rating: 4.7/5

Dimensions: 27x17x 62"

Flow rate: 12 GPM

Good for:

- Home of 6

- mod. to sev. hard water 

- city water 

Best for Iron & Sulphur Removal

Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Iron & Sulfur Eradicator 2000


Rating: 4.7/5

Dimensions: 18x30x 62"

Flow rate: 12 GPM

Good for: Well water 

Best Water- & Salt-Saver

Pentair 9100 SXT Twin Tank 80,000 Grain


Rating: 4.6/5

Dimensions: 13x13x 65"

Flow rate: 22 GPM

Good for:

- Large homes 

- Commercial properties 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fleck Water Softener?

Fleck water softener review for home and commercial use


One of the most trusted names in water softeners today is Fleck, and for good reason. These water softeners are designed to work for years without any problems, which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money worrying about upkeep and maintenance. Without this fear and added expense, you can simply let your Fleck water softener do its job.

When you use a Fleck water softener, you will enjoy a number of incredible benefits. One of the main reasons why people turn to this company for a water softener is because they are suffering from dry skin.

Hard water is loaded with extra magnesium salts and calcium, and this can cause your skin to quickly dry out. Using a water softener to remove the magnesium salts and calcium helps your skin return to a healthy and supple state.

You will also enjoy taking better care of your plumbing. Hard water can do a lot of damage to the pipes in your home due to to the buildup of limescale. This buildup prevents water from flowing freely through the pipes.

Over time you will notice leaking around your appliance valves and you may have to repair your plumbing. Simply using a water softener is an incredible way to combat this problem and prevent it from becoming a huge issue.

Finally, your appliances will suffer from scale buildup if you have hard water, and you may even notice stains in your bathtubs and sinks.

No amount of scrubbing can easily take care of these problems, and you need to address them by getting to the root of the problem. Using a Fleck water softener will easily help combat these issues for you.

Why Fleck Softeners Are Great

Fleck water softeners are a great buy for the money, as they offer high-quality components and equipment without being too expensive.

Not only are they affordable to purchase, but these water softeners are designed to last for years and come with an incredible warranty. This means that they won’t easily be damaged and have very low operating costs over the life of the unit.

Since these water softeners rely on many types of softening technologies, it’s generally easy for a homeowner to find a unit that is designed to meet their needs.

No matter the mineral content in the water or what additional contaminants need to be removed, Fleck water softeners come in a variety of options to easily handle any water conditions.

There are more than 20 softeners for users to choose from and almost 100 additional options, resulting in more than 1,000 configurations for users to select when customizing their setup.

Finally, Fleck goes out of their way to design water softeners that most people can easily install by themselves. With an understanding of basic plumbing and the ability to read and follow directions, these water softeners can usually be installed without problems.

There are always exceptions, but most plumbers can easily handle these units, which means that the service call will be relatively short.

Spare parts are easy to find when they are necessary, thanks to how large and well known the company is and what a great job they do marketing and providing additional parts and components.

These affordable and eco-friendly water softeners are backed by incredible customer service and are some of the easiest units to use. This makes them a perfect option for any person looking to fight hard water and the damage that it causes in the house.

The Best Fleck Water Softener Reviews of 2020

Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain

Compare Prices: Amazon | IsoPure Water | Quality Water Treatment


  • Comes with an installation kit
  • DIY potential
  • 10% resin extends system life
  • Great choice for medium-sized homes
  • Auto-regeneration to minimize energy cost


  • Relatively expensive


One of the great things about this Fleck water softener is that it uses an impressive LCD digital display that features touchpad controls. This is perfect for any user who may be worried about how easily they can keep an eye on their softener and make adjustments.

Because it not only offers information about the unit but also helps with troubleshooting, it’s great for anyone needing to adjust their water softener quickly and easily.

The high-efficiency valve included in this water softener means that users won’t have to use a lot of salt to run the unit. This is great, as it helps to save money and reduce the overall use and upkeep costs of the unit.

It also means that users won’t have to worry about adding salt to their water softener as often, which is great for people who are in a hurry and simply don’t think about this task.

All of the resin that is used in this Fleck water softener has been designed and specifically chosen to last for years. It’s a high-capacity resin that features an extra long life.

Thanks to the meter based regeneration of this water softener, your system only regenerates when necessary. It automatically measures the water that is used in the house and only regenerates when it has to. Users can easily set the system regenerates to occur more often if water needs change and increase.

This unit also ships with an included safety float, which is designed to prevent the tank from overfilling. Thanks to the safety float, as well as the overflow drain, there is very little likelihood of the unit causing a water mess.

Thanks to this peace of mind, users will feel confident installing this Fleck water softener anywhere on their property without concern over water damage.

The solid-state computer control allows users to choose from four different modes of operation, which makes it easier for them to easily pick the one that is right for their needs. These modes are immediate meter regeneration, delayed meter regeneration, delayed clock regeneration, and day of week regeneration.

With the ability to keep programming and memory for up to 48 hours in the event of a power loss, this water softener is a great option for users who are in an area that sometimes suffers from outages. They won’t have to worry about resetting their memory and programming on the water softener.

Product Specifications

This Fleck water softener easily operates in a wide range of temperatures, from 32°F to 120°F. All of the components are designed to be sturdy and durable and to last for a long time.

It has a capacity of 48,000 grains and a flat rate of 12 gpm. Thanks to the water consumption of just 3 gpm, this is a very efficient water softener. It uses a metric measuring system and runs on 120 volts.

At 27” x 17” x 62” and weighing just 20.8 pounds, most people can easily find a place around the home for this water softener. It comes with an impressive five-year manufacturer warranty on the control head, as well as a 10-year warranty on the tank itself.

Ease of Installation

There are a lot of things that Fleck does really well, but one of them is making units that are surprisingly easy to install, as long as you are able to follow instructions and are comfortable with DIY work.

This Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain water softener is no exception, although you must have basic plumbing skills to install and connect this unit and expect it to work the way that you need it to.

It features a bypass valve with a 1” yoke connection, which was designed to make it easy to install and to service. The in/out plumbing connections should fit easily onto this 1” yoke connection, which is great for any installer.

Not only do you receive the tank when you order this water softener, but also the resin, brine tank and safety float, and control head.

Having everything shipped to you all at once when you order the system allows you to get started installing it right away and speeds up the process.

What it Removes

One of the great things about Fleck water softeners is that they are designed to remove hard water easily and quickly. This water softener removes magnesium and calcium that causes most of the problems of hard water.

It is important, before installing any water softener, that you make sure that it will remove what you need it to. This Fleck water softener does a great job removing magnesium salts and calcium but is not designed to remove some of the other contaminants in water, such as iron.

Best Suited for the Following

  • Perfect for family homes with up to six people living in the home
  • Treating up to 12 gpm service flow, with a 28 gpm peak flow
  • Handling moderate to severe hard water
  • Anyone wanting to monitor how their water softener is working, thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Handling a lot of salt at once so that the unit doesn’t have to be regularly maintained, as the brine tank can hold 250 pounds of salt
  • Users who can’t easily handle moving a heavier unit by themselves
  • Homeowners who use city water

Not a Great Choice for the Following

  • Homeowners who aren’t confident in their ability to install the unit
  • Homeowners who are on a well

Overall – Is the Fleck 5600 SXT 48K Grain Worth Your Money?

The Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain is a great water softener for anyone looking for a whole-house softener that is reliable, relatively easy to install, and will do a fantastic job treating water.

It was designed to be easy to set up and to use, and since it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, it is a reliable and durable option that will last for years.

Thanks to the digital display on this Fleck water softener, it’s great for users who are new to the world of these softeners. It’s easy to read and to understand and offers clear information, as well as control over the quality of water in a home.

The SXT controller used on this water softener is the newest Fleck model available. It’s built on the durable and reliable 5600 valve, reducing any problems or possibilities of leaks or other damage.

Families will love that they no longer have to worry about the damaging effects of hard water when they install this Fleck system. It’s designed to offer easy control over your home’s water. In addition, the meter is known to be incredibly accurate, resulting in perfect control and use.

Because it offers such a high flow rate, the homeowner won’t ever have to deal with a decrease in their water pressure, which can be frustrating. This allows families to run multiple appliances at once without problems.

If you are looking for a reliable and durable water softener, then you have definitely heard of Fleck. This is one of their best options on the market and is a great choice for any family looking for a whole-house unit.

Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Iron & Sulfur Eradicator 2000

Compare Prices: Amazon | Quality Water Treatment


  • Perfect for well water
  • DIY potential
  • Durable KDF filter; can last up to 5 years
  • Removes up to 2 PPM sulfur
  • Resin comes pre-loaded in the tank to make installation easier


  • Does not remove sulfate



All Fleck water softeners are held to incredibly high standards, and the 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Iron & Sulfur Eradicator 2000 is no exception.

It features the powerful 5600 valve that Fleck is known for. This valve is designed to prevent any problems with leaks or drips and to perfectly control all water flow through the unit, resulting in all of the softened water that your family may need.

Additionally, it boasts an SXT controller, which is the newest controller that Fleck has designed and offered. This controller uses a flow meter to ensure that your water is only regenerated as it is needed, which lowers waste water, as well as how much salt is used.

Additionally, the controller works with the large LCD digital display. This display is easy to use and allows for troubleshooting directly from the display. The touchpad controls are easy to operate and highly responsive.

With a durable and updated paddlewheel style meter, this water softener can easily stand up to regular use without leaks. It’s able to last for a lot longer without problems than the traditional turbine style.

The bypass valve is made from stainless steel, which means that it is very unlikely to rust or otherwise become damaged. The brine tank is also designed to last without being damaged by salt. This high-quality construction is great for users who want to set up their tank and then forget it.

Product Specifications

At 95 pounds, this Fleck water softener is heavy, which can be a problem for some people who aren’t strong enough to handle the equipment on their own. Size-wise, it isn’t a huge piece of equipment, as it is just 18” x 30” x 62”.

It’s a complete system, which means that everything you need to operate this water softener is included. This makes it easy for users to set up the system without having to worry about getting additional parts for operation.

Since the tank is preloaded with resin, installation is designed to be much faster and easier than with other systems. It also ships with complete instructions to make it easy for users to set up their new water softener.

The softener ships with a ¾” plastic bypass as well as a 1” male threaded yoke for connection to the water supply. Additionally, it comes with a KDF filter that can last up to five years, providing incredible water that is free from odor and bad tastes.

Ease of Installation

The complete system ships right to your door when you buy this Fleck water softener, which is great for users who aren’t comfortable or confident enough to go and buy more parts or components for their water softener. This is the first step in installation, and the unit handles it well.

The water softener ships with incredibly comprehensive instructions that make the whole process very clear, although it can be a little difficult at times.

The installation instructions are 21 pages long, which can be a bit daunting for some people who may not be confident in their ability to install a water softener.

However, Fleck did their best to make the process as easy as possible. One example is that the resin is already loaded into the tank, which helps make the installation process a lot easier and speeds it up, as well.

Thanks to the inclusion and use of a stainless steel bypass valve, this water softener can easily be connected and serviced by a homeowner or professional.

Additionally, if there are any problems with the unit. Fleck provides an impressive manufacturer warranty against any problems with this water softener. It comes with a five-year warranty on the control head, as well as a 10-year warranty on the tank itself.

What it Removes

The Fleck 5600 SXT 48,000 Grain Iron & Sulfur Eradicator 2000 does a great job, as its name says, at removing iron and hydrogen sulfide. Thankfully, though, this water softener does more than simply remove those contaminants. It is also known for its great ability to remove heavy metals.

Because this water softener is designed to remove heavy metals in addition to other common contaminants, it makes sense that it was designed to easily handle well water. This is perfect for anyone who isn’t on city water and wants to make sure that their family is going to be safe drinking the well water that they have coming into their home.

Best Suited for the Following

  • Softening well water and removing any contaminants
  • Homeowners who are comfortable with DIY
  • Users who are concerned with monitoring their unit and want to rely on an LCD screen
  • Any homeowner who has concerns about the safety and the quality of their water

Not a Great Choice for the Following

  • Water that has a lot of bacteria in it, as a disinfection system may be necessary to remove this from the water
  • Water that is very high in iron, as it may require an additional iron filter for best results

Overall – Is the 5600 SXT 48K Grain Iron & Sulfur Eradicator Worth Your Money?

Well water can be really tricky for some people to use in their home, especially if it is hard and loaded with magnesium salts, iron, and heavy metals.

Thanks to the mediaguard KDF 85 on this Fleck water softener, it can easily handle water straight from the well without any decrease in water quality. This is great for families who love the convenience of their well water, but are suffering from hard water.

This is a slightly more expensive Fleck water softener, but for good reason, as it is designed to easily handle water from poorer conditions, not just city water like a lot of other systems are.

It can easily remove hardness up to 50 ghg, hydrogen sulfide up to 2 ppm, and iron up to 4 ppm, quickly turning lower quality water into a refreshing and delicious drink.

The heavier weight of this Fleck water softener can make it difficult for some people to install the unit, but once installed, there isn’t any concern about it going anywhere. Like all other Fleck water softeners, this one was designed and built to provide great softening without damage to the unit.

It’s the perfect option for any family who wants to soften their hard well water and who doesn’t want to experience a drop in pressure. Thanks to the power of this water softener, users can enjoy high-quality water without problems.

The higher price tag of this water softener can be a bit of a turnoff for some people, but investing in it is a good idea. It’s an investment in the future and in your future of safe and healthy drinking water.

Pentair 9100 SXT Twin Tank 80,000 Grain

Compare Prices on Amazon


This is a complete twin tank softener that is designed to provide soft water continuously, without any delay or regeneration time. Thanks to the use of twin tanks, as well as an impressive Fleck 9100 valve, users won’t have to worry about running out of soft water.

This water softener comes with 80,000 grain capacity per each of the tanks, which results in a total of 160,000 grain capacity. It also comes with five cubic feet of resin.

The complete system has everything that users need to install this water softener without problems. It features 1” or ¾” connections and a high-quality brine tank with an included safety float.

It also features an anti-memory loss backup capacitor. This feature is designed to keep the meter on your water softener on even if you lose power. It can work for up to 48 hours, which prevents users from losing their settings or missing a regeneration cycle.

Product Specifications

With a flow rate of 22 GPM, this Fleck water softener is a great option for use in busy locations where users need fast regeneration of their water, such as restaurants or retail stores. Thanks to the use of two tanks with this model, users won’t ever worry about running out of soft water.

At 95 pounds for each tank, this is a slightly heavier model than some other Fleck water softeners on the market, but it is one of the most durable systems. Users need to plan for 64” of headroom when installing.

Ease of Installation

Even though there are twin tanks with this model, the installation is no more difficult than it is with a single tank system. Additionally, users don’t have to worry about performing a lot of difficult or time-consuming maintenance on their system once it is installed.

It’s easy to not only install this system, but also check the hardness level of your water, program the system, and then forget about it.

Thanks to a 10-year warranty on the tanks and a five-year warranty on the valves, this is the ultimate system for setting it up and then not worrying about how well it is working.

The male threaded yoke on the free bypass is designed to make installation even faster and easier than before.

What it Removes

This water softener is designed to remove both calcium and magnesium salts from the water, which softens the water and makes it better for drinking, bathing, and cleaning.

Best Suited for the Following

  • Immediate regeneration of water
  • Larger families or commercial use
  • Use as an anti-memory loss backup capacitor

Not a Great Choice for the Following

  • Smaller families
  • Locations that don’t use a lot of water at once

Overall—Is the Pentair 9100 SXT Twin Tank 80,000 Grain Worth Your Money?

This is a great water softener for users who need to have water on demand and can’t wait for it to be regenerated. Because this water softener is so large, it is ideal for larger families or for use in commercial locations, but may be too large for a small family.

It is not very difficult to install, which is great news for anyone who is worried about how easily they can handle the installation process on their own.

Additionally, it is easy to control, such as other Fleck water softeners, making the size of the softener and its capacity the main consideration for most shoppers.

Fleck 7000 SXT 48,000 Grain

Compare Prices: Amazon | IsoPure Water


This Fleck water softener boasts flows of up to 35 GPM, making it ideal in locations that need fast regeneration. It is perfect for use in homes, as well as in some businesses, and the attractive design features high-quality Fleck electronics, making it easy to control this water softener.

The safety float on the resin tank and brine tank ensures that you won’t have problems with overflows, which could cause a lot of damage in a home or business.

Thanks to the electronic powerhead on this water softener, it is easy to program it by pushing buttons. This also means that users can tweak programming quickly. Because it can take a little while to get a water softener set up and working correctly, this makes the process a lot easier.

Product Specifications

The total weight of this water softener is 132 pounds, making it one of the heavier options on the market. Unfortunately, this means that it can be difficult for some users to easily install it on their own.

The advanced SE electronics on this unit make it easy to control. It features flexible programming and other control features such as soft water brine tank refill, double backwash, and optical positioning without the use of micro switches.

This unit ships already assembled and ready for installation, making it very easy for users to install it without having to hire someone else to do the work for them.

Ease of Installation

Fleck water softeners are designed to be very fast and easy to install, and this is no exception. It features a quick connect clip system that allows users to quickly install and easily maintain the unit.

The inbuilt electronic timer makes it easy to set up and to program this system. Because of this, as well as the impressive warranty, this Fleck water softener is easy for most homeowners or business owners to install on their own.

There is a 10-year warranty on the resin tank and a five-year warranty on the brine tank and control valve.

What it Removes

This Fleck system removes magnesium salts and calcium from water, resulting in much softer water quickly.

Best Suited for the Following

  • Medium households with between five to six members
  • Smaller commercial locations
  • Fast regeneration needs

Not a Great Choice for the Following

  • Very small families

Overall—Is the Fleck 7000 SXT 48K Grain Worth Your Money?

This is a slightly more expensive option than smaller Fleck water softeners, which means that some users may not need to invest in it if they can use a smaller unit.

However, thanks to its ability to soften water using very minimal salt and wasting very little water, it is a great option for many people.

It saves a lot of money in maintenance, making it perfect for locations with a lot of very hard water that needs to be softened. Because it can handle hardness up to 50 grains in a gallon, it’s a great option for a wide variety of applications.

Additionally, thanks to how easy it is to use this water softener, it’s ideal for users who may struggle to install or set up a more difficult unit. The flexible programming is easy to understand and to use.

Fleck 2510 SXT 80,000 Grain

Compare Prices on Amazon


Contains two cubic feet of resin that is capable of removing a maximum of 80,000 grains of hardness between each regeneration cycle. With a 20 GPM flow rate, this water softener is a great option for use in busy locations.

Additionally, this water softener has an LCD display that features touchscreen controls that are not only easy to understand, but to use. This makes it easy for most users to quickly set up their new water softener and have it running in very little time.

Dual-motor design introduced in the valve reduces maintenance cost over the life of the unit. This also allows it to last for a lot longer before needing care or maintenance.

The control head on this water softener tracks water usage and calculates how many grains have been filtered. When it has reached filtering capacity, then the softener schedules its own regeneration cycle for later during the night.

Product Specifications

The digital 2510SXT meter valve on this water softener is one of the best ones available today and is designed to offer complete control and extend the life of the unit.

It’s a little smaller than some other similar units, with a total product dimension of 30” x 18” x 56”. However, it is very heavy, and weighs 243 pounds.

This water softener comes with great warranties. There is a five-year control warranty on the head, 10-year warranty on the tank, and even a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure that owners are happy with their new water softener.

Ease of Installation

Because this unit comes with all of the necessary connections to install it, it’s easy for most users to quickly set it up. It is easy, however, to find someone to do the installation for you if you are not sure that you can handle the work yourself.

The included DIY instructions are clear and easy to read, which makes it easy for most users to install this unit on their own.

What it Removes

This Fleck water softener is able to remove ions in the water that cause scale buildup, water spots, and that can shorten the life of appliances. It additionally removes magnesium salts and calcium from the water.

Best Suited for the Following

  • Designed for use in factories, offices, stores, and large homes
  • Can be used with city water, without fear of chlorine damage
  • Water with very high hardness

Not a Great Choice for the Following

  • Water that is not very hard
  • Locations that don’t require a lot of water

Overall—Is This Fleck Water Softener Worth Your Money?

This is one of the most powerful water softeners on the market and holds an impressive 250 pounds of salt, which means that users don’t have to worry about regular maintenance and keeping an eye on the unit to ensure that it is working correctly.

It is reasonably priced when compared with other options on this list.

Thanks to the inclusion of the backup capacitor, this water softener will have a powered meter for up to two hours during an outage, which is great for people who live in areas prone to power outages. This means that settings won’t be lost and that regeneration cycles won’t be missed.

Fleck Water Softener Troubleshooting Tips

Even though Fleck water softeners are known to be incredibly durable and easy to use, you may from time to time, run into a small problem. Knowing how to troubleshoot this problem on your own can save you a lot of time and frustration when dealing with it.

Sometimes, owners install their new Fleck water softener and they are frustrated because they are still getting hard water when they run their water. This is generally a user error and not a problem with the softener.

It’s important to check and close the bypass valve and then make sure that the injectors or the screen aren’t plugged. These are the main issues that can cause this problem, although an internal valve leak is possible, although not very probable.

Another issue that can occur with a Fleck water softener is a loss of water pressure. When this occurs, then there is likely buildup of excess iron in the water condition or line. Simply cleaning out the line is the best way to handle this.

If your Fleck water softener is using too much salt, then it is generally caused by one of two problems. Sometimes, there is simply too much water in the brine tank. Cleaning the flow control can help to adjust how much water is in the tank and take care of this issue.

Another problem that can cause the use of too much salt is an improper salt setting, which is easily adjusted via the controls. Simply check the salt usage and setting and adjust them to match.

If there is a loss of resin through the drain line, then that is a sign that there is air in the water system. This may take a little more time to adjust, but can usually be easily handled. The first step is to make sure that the well system has the right air eliminator control so that the air can easily be removed. You will then want to check to make sure that the well is dry.

Softeners sometimes have problems drawing brine, which means that your equipment will not be able to work the way that it should. There are a few problems that can cause this issue, including a plugged drain line flow control, plugged injector, or plugged injector screen.

The drain line flow control and the injectors can easily be cleaned to fix this problem, but the screen will need to be replaced. If the line pressure is too low, then the softener won’t be able to draw brine. Users need to increase line pressure and keep it at a minimum of 20 PSI all of the time.

An internal control leak can also cause problems. This is rectified by changing the spacers and seals or even the piston assembly to help the equipment work correctly again.

Finally, some people report problems with the control cycling continuously. This is one problem that requires a spare part, as the water softener probably has a faulty timer mechanism. Simply replacing the timer is the best and fastest way to deal with this issue.

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