Your Guide to Buying the Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2018

Your Guide to Buying the Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2018

Dumbbells are such a big part of working out these days. A set of adjustable dumbbells can make all the difference, especially if you are working out at home.

All your major muscle groups can get a really good workout with dumbbells, as essentially all of them can be hit with a dumbbell workout. Helping you get into great shape, and also allowing you to tone your body the way you want to get it toned.

Anyone who has ever worked out knows the importance of dumbbells and just how useful they can be. Dumbbells are generally used for joint-isolation exercises and are great for exercising almost every muscle in your body depending on how you use them. You can also experience a lot of improvement in your cardiorespiratory fitness as well as your flexibility.

Number 1 Recommendation: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

What are the Benefits of Using Dumbbells?

As mentioned, dumbbells can have amazing effects on your body if you exercise with them enough, and in the right way. Dumbbells are way more joint-friendly than barbells. Due to the range of motion, you can use during dumbbell exercises, it allows more flexibility and more comfort for your joints as you complete your exercises.

If you are a person who trains at home with limited space and limited equipment, dumbbells are great items that you can build a whole workout routine around. They aren’t too expensive and don’t take up a lot of space, so they are perfect for using for exercising at home.

Dumbbells are very safe to use, and there are a lot of exercises that become much safer once you use dumbbells instead of other equipment.

Adjustable dumbbells are so great because they allow you to constant customize your dumbbells as you progress through your training. This is infinitely easier than having to buy new dumbbells every time you want to change weights or having to buy a pack of dozens of dumbbells early on because you want to be covered later.

Having adjustable dumbbells removes those issues and makes things a whole lot simpler and a lot more straightforward.

Top Ranked Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock Elite 90lb Dumbbell Set

This set contains three different items. They are a number of different combinations and adjustments you can make with this set as you use the dumbbells, giving you a lot of flexibility. The first item provides you with 16 different dumbbell weights, in just one adjustable dumbbell. It goes from 5 pounds to 50 pounds, with adjustable increments.

You are even able to get up to 70 or 90 pounds at a later point with the added accessories that come with the set. It would be great if you could have adjusted the weights up to 70 or 90 pounds without having to add the accessories, but the fact that it is there is still a big plus.

Especially when you consider that many adjustable dumbbell sets don’t even manage to get up to 50 pounds, let alone 70 or 90. Accessories or not, it’s still a really high mark to reach and this set reaches it.


  • Highly adjustable, can go from 5 pounds to 90 pounds.
  • Very comfortable to use during workouts.


  • Is on the expensive end of the scale.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Two dumbbells included; these can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. The weight can be increased in 2.5 pounds increments, perfect for slowly making your way up the ranks to larger weights.

The grip is strong, and the dumbbells are designed to let you quickly switch from one exercise to another. You get 15 weights in one, which is very efficient.

Much better than having 15 different pairs of dumbbells lying around!
You also get a two-year warranty on all items included in the set.


  • 15 sets in one
  • Very flexible, lets you switch quickly.


  • Costs quite a bit extra if you want to buy the stand too

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Similar to the other adjustable dumbbell, this system also increases by 2 and a half pounds at a time. However, it can go from 5 pounds to 75 pounds, which is quite a good range.

It is very strong and durable, with its heavy-duty construction being welded with steel and chrome plated handles.
You get two dumbbells that go up to 75 pounds, along with a stand and exercise poster that are added for free.

The setup is quick and easy, and it is really space efficient. You also get a lifetime warranty.


  • Stand is included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Goes up to 75 pounds


  • A little expensive

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

With these dumbbells, you get two adjustable ones that can go up to 25 pounds each. You also get a free storage tray that comes with the dumbbells. They are made of heavy duty chrome plated steel.

Once you get these dumbbells, you eliminate any need for multiple dumbbells and save a lot of time and space.


  • Very space efficient
  • Comes with a storage tray


  • Only goes up to 25 pounds

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell

These dumbbells also come with storage trays, which is always a plus. They go up to 25 pounds, so while that is a good weight it still doesn’t match the other dumbbells we have seen earlier.

They are made with heavy duty chrome plated steel and work really well for removing all need for multiple dumbbells. Why have many dumbbells do the job that this one can do by itself?

It’s small, compact and makes use of its size. So you won’t have it cluttering up your space.


  • Compact, makes use of its space well
  • Removes the need for multiple dumbbells


  • Only goes up to 25 pounds

StairMaster Pair of TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells

These simple weights are really easy to use and very efficient. Changing the weight is really simple, you don’t even have to take your hands off the handles.

The design is really compacted and is easily adjustable. The windows for the weight selection are really simple to use and are highly visible.

It’s really safe, as the weight changes can only be made when the handle is still in the cradle. The handles are really soft but have a strong grip. The cradle is aluminum and really high quality.


  • Really safe, with strong handles
  • Weight selection process is really simple and straightforward


  • Weight range could be higher

Final Word

Adjustable dumbbells are really the way of the future. They provide you so many huge benefits over normal, non-adjustable dumbbells that it really seems like a waste to not invest in adjustable dumbbells as soon as you can.

There are different types of adjustable dumbbells and a range of features and factors that you need to consider so you can find the best one for you. But if you do the research and find the one you really think will be successful for you, you can really take your workout to the next level.

Have you used any of these dumbbells? Please share your experience in the comments below. You can also follow Healthy Buddys on Facebook to be the first to know about new blog posts.


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