Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in the USA?

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in the USA

Having tap water that is safe to drink and bathe in is important, and for roughly 85% of Americans, you can drink water right out of the tap and be safe while doing it.

Of course, there are still some exceptions, so if you’ve ever asked, is tap water safe to drink in the USA, the answer depends on what you’re looking at when you’re considering whether or not to drink right out of the tap in your home.

Just the Basics

Tap water is filled with minerals, and they can be either good or bad. Municipal water systems have to abide by certain national regulations, so they are usually very safe for you, but if you have a well or live in a rural area, you may have to get your water tested to know for sure.

In addition to lead, which has been a problem in areas such as Michigan and New Jersey, tap water can also contain copper, trihalomethanes (THAs), arsenic, chromium, and many other contaminants that can be downright dangerous for people to consume.

So, if 85% of the country is safe while drinking their tap water, this is good, right?

Water flowing from a tap

Well, not when you consider that this number means a full 15% of Americans could be drinking unhealthy tap water.

Indeed, people who live in rural areas, who make up most of that percentage, are at risk of certain stomach ailments and even more serious problems simply by continuing to drink water from their tap.


Is Tap Water Safe to Drink in the USA?

If you’re one of the many Americans wondering, is tap water safe to drink in the USA, not to worry because there are simple, inexpensive ways to find out for sure.

In fact, in most cases either the city or a company that sells water-purification products will come out and test your water for free. This is the first step to determining what is in your water and what you can do to improve the situation.

Most of these companies provide you with a document after the testing to let you know exactly what is in your water, so you’ll know which of these minerals or contaminants is the most important to remove.

Different water filtration systems specialize in different types of contaminants, so you can decide on the system you need after you take a look at the report.

Know the Types of Water Filtration Systems

All water filtration systems are effective at removing dozens of contaminants, so if you find you can only afford a certain type, you don’t have to be concerned because the system will work. Some of the many types of systems include:

And don’t feel overwhelmed looking at the list, because regardless of the one you choose, it is certainly going to improve the purity of your water and make it much healthier for you to drink.

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