How to Get a Reimbursement for a Power Lift Recliner

How to Get a Reimbursement for a Power Lift Recliner

As you continue to grow older, it can become more difficult to get up and do things. Tasks that were once relatively simple for you will start to seem very arduous and this can be quite frustrating.

Thankfully, there are many great devices that you can make use of that will help you to maintain your independence. One such device that many senior citizens are making great use of is the power lift recliner.

In case you aren’t in the know, a power lift recliner is a comfortable recliner chair that has a lifting functionality to help you get back to your feet. Many people have difficulties standing back up once in a seated position. This can present many problems if you live alone or don’t have a young relative who can help you get up from your seat.

The power lift recliner was designed to help older individuals be able to enjoy sitting comfortably and then be able to get back up when they are ready without an issue.

You May Qualify for a Medicare Reimbursement

Aside from the power lift recliner being a really neat invention, it is also very affordable. On average, this type of recliner will cost around $500.00. This is a really good deal for a chair that can provide such an essential function; however, what if you were told that it could be even more affordable than that?

You see, it is possible that you may qualify for a Medicare reimbursement which will drive the price down even further.

In order to qualify, you will have to buy the chair ahead of time. Medicare Type B will cover up to 80% of the cost of this chair due to it being categorized as a piece of medical equipment.

You need to get a prescription from your family physician for the lift chair. This should be a simple thing to do as anyone who is in need of this type of device will be able to get his or her physician’s cooperation in this matter.

In order to qualify for the reimbursement, you are supposed to meet certain criteria. You need to be able to walk once you stand up and you should be unable to stand up from a seated position without assistance.

They want you to be able to prove that you have severe arthritis in your knee or hip or that you have a muscular condition of some sort. The chair should have been prescribed to you as a part of your recovery or to keep things from getting worse.

As long as your physician is enrolled in the PECOS program, you will pass the first check for qualifying for this reimbursement. PECOS is simply an acronym for a group of physicians who are able to write prescriptions that are covered by Medicare.

If you are already getting prescriptions through your physician and your Medicare insurance is paying for them, then everything should be fine. Now, as long as you are on Medicare Type B, you will be able to apply for your reimbursement.

Filling Out the Form

Now you will need to fill out a form. Don’t worry; this process won’t be too onerous from here on out. You need to download the form known as CMS-849 as this is the lift chair Medicare form.

Your physician should be able to fill this out for you so bring it to him or her as soon as you can. After this is done, you just need to bring the form to your local Medicare office along with the receipt for the chair.

After a period of forty-five to sixty days, you will receive a notification of whether or not you qualified for the reimbursement. If you did not qualify, you will receive a letter stating why you did not meet the criteria.

For those who do qualify, remember that the reimbursement will be up to 80% of the cost of your chair. This amount will differ from state to state but you should wind up getting over $300 on average.

Your reimbursement check will come in the mail and you can cash it at your bank as you would any other check. This makes buying the power lift chair that you need very simple. You will wind up paying less than $200 for this chair in many states.

Are Lift Recliner Chairs Tax Deductible in Canada?

Simply put, lift recliner chairs are tax-deductible. However, to qualify for a tax deduction, the following conditions must be met.

  1. the lift chair has all the characteristics of a chair;
  2. the lift chair is specially designed for use by a person with a disability;
  3. the lift chair is supplied on the written order of a medical professional for use by the individual named in the order.

You can view those criteria on the Canada Revenue Agency here.

If the criteria outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency are met, you can receive a tax break on the purchase of a lift recliner chair through one of the following ways:

  • Provide an medical order from a physician so you don’t have to pay consumption tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods and services.
  • Claim that amount on line 33099 or line 33199 (medical expenses) of your tax return.

Now that you’re more informed, are you thinking about the best lift chair to purchase?


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