Weight Loss Tips in Gastritis

Weight Loss Tips in Gastritis

If you have gastritis, then you’ve surely faced difficulties when trying to lose weight with dieting.

The truth is most of us do it the wrong way. I remember when I initially started trying to lose weight I was so focused on seeing the extra kilos off that I didn’t care whether I was doing it the right way or not. I ate less.

I spent long hours without eating just because I wanted to cut down on a number of calories I consumed daily. It got so bad that I could hardly take in a deep breath without feeling a sharp pain that tore through my chest, stopping me from making any movement.

Subsequently, I had to start medication, which I took for 30 days. During this period, I went back to my normal eating habits and helplessly watched as my weight went up each time I climbed on the scale.

After treatment, I tried another tactic. This time, I tried P4 Healthy Slimming Program, which I had reviewed in a previous post. I did lose weight with this program, but I suffered episodes of acute gastritis attack.

Several months later, I tried counting calories, and it was during this period that I focused on what I was (actually) eating. You have to when you are suffering from gastritis and trying to lose weight.

Some things to keep in mind when you have gastritis and trying to lose weight with dieting

  1. Whether you’re counting calories or not, anything that is acidic should be your number one enemy. I once tried banana and orange smoothie and I spent the whole night twisting in bed, while I would do something that I won’t even advise a gastritis patient to do. This said you don’t want include fruits such as pineapple, tangerines, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, etc. In fact, anything that triggers your symptoms should be avoided, as eating these will only help to increase gastric inflammation and erosion.
  2. In the past, milk and other dairy products such as yogurt were thought to provide a gastroprotective effect by decreasing the action of acids in the stomach. However, this is no longer the case, as scientists believe that the calcium and proteins in milk stimulate the acid production, thereby making gastritis symptoms worse. I for one, do not experience worsening symptoms when I consume these foods and would advise testing your reaction to each of these. In fact, I found that fermented probiotic yogurt actually decreased my symptoms–a report by Pantoflickova et al. demonstrated that fermented milk containing Lactobacillus johnsonii (a bacterium) actually soothes stomach irritation and reduces gastrointestinal disorders.
  3. Eat several times daily. I typically have 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. Sometimes I have up to 3 snacks (I love to eat!) but I make sure I do not eat more than my calorie limit for the day (except maybe on my cheat days). I always prepare my own snacks because I want to make sure it’s healthy. When I have fruits, I go for papaya or apples.
  4. Love coffee? If coffee (decaf or not) worsens your symptoms, you should avoid drinking it. Go for green tea instead, which is associated with a lower gastritis risk owing to its anti-inflammatory property and much lower caffeine content. Besides, green tea helps to heal the gut and it is possible that it can cause weight loss in overweight or obese adults according to a Cochrane review.
  5. Although spicy foods won’t cause gastritis, they can worsen your symptoms, especially when you’re not eating properly.
  6. If you’re smoking (I’m also including shisha here), you should seriously consider quitting.
  7. If you fancy alcohol, consider decreasing your intake.

Overall, you should be very observant and avoid any food that increases your symptoms or that isn’t recommended for gastritis patients. You want to lose weight in a healthy way without developing complications such as ulcers or gastric perforation.

4 comments on “Weight Loss Tips in Gastritis

  1. Sylvain on

    Thanks you for this great advice on how to lose weight if you have Gastritis. I will have a look at the Cochrane review, as it’s seems a good source.


    • Princila on

      Thanks for visiting again, Sylvain.

      Yeah, you can trust the Cochrane Review. I spend a lot of time on the evidence-based section of their website. Lots of great info there.

  2. Camelia on

    Hi Princila,

    Did you finally found or create a specific Loos weight diet for people with Gastritis?

    • Princila on

      Hi Camelia,

      Thanks for following up.

      I started working on this with a colleague a few months ago, but circumstances have not permitted us to complete this endeavor. I hope we’ll able to put everything together by the end of this year.


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